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Lais DeLeon is a part of the Vitrix Model Team, a Maxim Model, a Nutrex Sponsored Athlete. The object of my dreams. Plain and simple, The bomb. I happened to be on pinterest and came across one of her pictures and immediately needed to know more.

Usually when you see these chicks, you just figure they are some smokeshow video model and don’t have a lot more going on, but checking out the internets, we find that Lais has a lot going on. And she knows what she is talking about.

Check out the some pics and video below to get to know more about her and then make sure to follow her on the social networks to keep you updated, inspired and motivated.

On a scale of 1 to 10, this chick is a 20 piece! Where do babes like this work out? I neeeevvvvvver see this type at the gyms I go to. #SMH

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In this episode Lais introduces herself and shows you a way to make cooking diet food easy and flavorful. Head over to NUTREX on youtube to follow her video blog.

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She loves eating healthy…

Can’t spell LEGENDARY without LEGDAY!