FitBit Flex Alert

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So, I got a Fitbit Flex a few weeks ago. I was a little bit skeptical of activity bands after my NikeFuel experience (small rash and stopped working) and in general, although they are cool, I don’t know if they serve a real purpose. I mean, you already know what kind of activity you are partaking in on a daily basis, so all the bands do is re-enforce it. I think it makes sense for serious athletes or serious fitness folks because you want to be able to gauge and modify what you are doing, but for the regular weekend warrior or fatass, whats the point? For the most part, they are all just $100 pedometers.



Flex uses a MEMS 3-axis accelerometer that measures your motion patterns to determine your calories burned, distance traveled, steps taken, and sleep quality. Flex also contains a vibration motor, which allows it to vibrate when alarms are set to go off. –

But, alas, where I work, we have this huge movement going on with getting fit. Not like 20 people in the office, but up to the corporate level and my company easily has a couple hundred thousand employees when its all said and done. So, when you have numbers like that, you can start a movement, and they did. With that movement there is a collab with the fitbit and we can purchase one discounted. I got it for like, 20 bucks, so I thought to myself, “why not?”

Now, the FB is mainly just like the rest – glorified pedometers. But, there is more to it than that. There are activity group discussion boards that you can join and they have a pretty robust dashboard where you can look at your data and measure yourself against others. My favorite thing though is the sleep tracker. If its accurate, this is easily the most important feature on the whole machine. Screen shotted below is one of my days and I sleep like shit. I’ve always thought I was one of those guys that just didn’t need a lot of sleep, but even the few hours of sleep that I am getting are shit too.

fitbit sleep

With starting to work out more regularly, I’m curious to see if my sleep efficiency will be better, or if I will not have as restless a sleep as it appears. Company never complains and she’s a light sleeper (although I could be more relaxed when company is over), but its interesting to see that I don’t really get a solid 5 hours in like I assume I do. This can have long term effects. I need to research this all and see whats up.