Fit Girls in Yoga’s Make Me Want To Work Out : Anna Nystrom

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This chick is special. She is my motivation for today’s workout. I always wonder why there are so many fit girls on the internets, but whenever I am at the gym they are never there working out… maybe it’s the gym I go to? Who know, at least there is always the internet.

I think when I get super fit, I am going to make it my mission to find a gym where chicks like this workout… I live in SoCal, just outside of Hollywood, there has to be somewhere around here where all these chicks take selfies in the mirror, right?

Anna Nystrom is a Swedish fitness model with a few million followers on IG. I’m one of those followers now!

New Year, New Me. I’m going to find a wifey that looks like AN this year. I need someone in my life that down to work out, down to fitness shake it up, and fits the yogas like this.

Glutes & legs 🔥💪🏻Some clips from today's workout 💕Tights & hoodie from @workoutempire #workoutempire

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I absolutely fvcking HATE the cold, but I have a feeling that Anna could convince me to work out wherever she is working out!

💪🏻❄️💕 @workoutempire #workoutempire

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Happy Saturday 💗

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She’s got a youtube page that is worth your clicks too. She doesn’t update it much and only has the four videos but I found myself lowkey mesmerized this morning after this one.

I’m sharing some moments from my trip to Sydney, Australia and also an outdoor workout by the beach 🙂 This was the first time for me in Australia and I fell in love with it. Amazing people, lots of healthy food, great shopping and beautiful nature. I stayed in Bondi Beach and I’m definitely going back there again soon.