Fit Girls in Yoga’s Make Me Want To Work Out … and do Hand Stands

yoga pants handstandimage

I like this picture…. this chick is special. She (and her hand stand skills) are my motivation for todays workout. I always wonder why there are so many fit girls on the internets, but whenever I am at the gym they are never there working out… maybe its the gym I go to? Who know, at least there is always the internet.

I think when I get super fit, I am going to make it my mission to find a gym (or the beach) where chicks like this workout… I live in SoCal, just outside of Hollywood, there has to be somewhere around here where all these chicks take selfies in the mirror, right?

I wonder if this is like some sort of retreat, or if this is her crib or if this is some dudes crib and she is working out there doing yoga handstands or if this is an official photoshoot or something. Who cares though, its hot.