Fit Girls in Yoga’s Make Me Want To Work Out

yoga pants boat action

This chick is special. She is my motivation for todays workout. I always wonder why there are so many fit girls on the internets, but whenever I am at the gym they are never there working out… maybe its the gym I go to? Who know, at least there is always the internet.

This picture is kind of perfect right… its why dudes get rich as fuck. How awesome would it be to have enough money to own a boat. To own a boat and be out in the marina. To be out in the marina with a smokeshow. To have that smokeshow built like this. To have a smokeshow built like this who makes sure to keep it tight. To have a smokeshow who is built like this and makes sure to keep it tight by doing yoga stuff on your boat in the marina.

I’d be just sitting there with a drink in hand watching her do her daily yoga. I need this life….

By the way this isnt just some random chick, its the internet sensation Jen Selter.

She is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

I suggest you click on these links and follow her in the social space because she is not out’chea fucking around.

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