Fit Girls in Crazy Yoga Poses Make Me Want To Work Out … and try YOGA

crazy yoga poseimage

This chick is special. She is my motivation for todays workout. I always wonder why there are so many fit girls on the internets, but whenever I am at the gym they are never there working out… maybe its the gym I go to? Who know, at least there is always the internet.

I think when I get super fit, I am going to make it my mission to find a gym where chicks like this workout or some yoga retreat in the middle on nowhere.

I live in SoCal, just outside of Hollywood, there has to be somewhere around here where all these chicks take selfies in the mirror, right?

* This is why I need to stop bullshittin’ and hit a yoga class or three #jussayin

* That shit doesn’t hurt? It looks like it would hurt. Like, I don’t know if the body works like that naturally….