Farmer’s Fridge aka the “SALAD VENDING MACHINE”

Don’t think of the Farmer’s Fridge kiosk as a vending machine. It’s a veggie machine. And just as each salad is a culinary thing of beauty, the kiosk is a work of art in its own right. Made from reclaimed wood (provided by Modern Urban Woods of West Chicago) and even some recycled materials, each one is unique and user-friendly.

farmers fridge kiosk

As you can see in the piece above, its taking an old system the vending machine, which is known for not having healthy options at all and using it for something good. I happened to even write a post a couple of weeks ago about how much vending machines sucked ass and I wondered aloud what the better options could be if someone ‘forgot to make lunch’ one day and didn’t want to go with the usual fast options.

I could definitely see myself rolling up on this and ordering a salad

farmers fridge

Where I work, there is a cafeteria style mess hall downstairs and there is a quick pull fridge with different kinds of salads and sando mixes so an idea like this, something that looks really cool, could work. In certain places obviously. But I like it and think there will be a lot more of these in the next couple of years with the climate that we are in with people trying to get healthier and eat better, but still want the convenience of quick food. Hopefully the costs for them, isn’t ridiculous because I’d love to see these all over the place.

The question is, will places want to sacrifice the floorspace to put another vending machine in their location. I could see this working in places with heavy traffic like an airport or at colleges…

farmers fridge salads
image via @FarmersFridge / twitter

With a proper salad with a protein coming in at about 10 bucks, I think the price may be a lil bit high but I’m sure as more and more of these get out there and they figure out exactly where they fit in, in the marketplace, they may be able to bring that price down a buck or two. In a vacuum its not overpriced for what you are getting, but I think there is a mental barrier here in the states of dropping 10 bucks in a vending machine. That may be the biggest hurdle of anything because I know that we want something like this, but maybe aren’t used to dropping that kind of coin into a machine – even though its something that is happening all over the world in vending machines.

Currently, Farmers Fridge is just in Chicago, but I have a feeling after a lot of exposure, there will be a big roll out nationwide and there will probably be a knock off or two of these….

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