Ever heard of the “Soylent – Free Your Body” Movement … Is it the “future of food?”

Soylent frees you from the time and money spent shopping, cooking and cleaning, puts you in excellent health, and vastly reduces your environmental impact by eliminating much of the waste and harm coming from agriculture, livestock, and food-related trash.

Is Soylent what the future of food looks like? Basically put, Soylent, is a simple and affordable nutritional drink that has everything the healthy body needs. Its looks to me like a shake, with all of the calories and nutrients that human body requires, in powder form. It looks to me like this is a better version of a Met-RX type of deal, right? These cats aren’t doctors, these cats aren’t scientists, but I’m going to assume that the people that make all of the fitness shakes at CNG and Muscle and Fitness corner store aren’t either.

Does this seem like something you would do? I would do? I think so actually, and it appears like a lot of other people do too. They started a kickstarter type of campaign and they raised over a million dollars from over 10,000 people.

soylent campaign

They haven’t started shipping to the masses, but some of the early adopters have gotten in and there a great results. Is it any different, on most levels, than juicing or taking meal replacement shakes?

I think I might have to throw down on this and see whats up. Find out all you want to know about SOYLENT here. Its interesting for sure.

Did some more searching and found this piece, Soylent: What Happened When I Stopped Eating For 2 Weeks

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