Elizabeth Gillies is a Beautiful Vegan

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Elizabeth Gillies is an American actress, singer, entertainer best known for playing Jade West on a Nickelodeon vehicle Victorious. She was on Broadway at 15 years old. She also voices the character Daphne on the animated series Winx Club.


I got hip to her on this new show called Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll where she plays Dennis Leary’s talented rocker daughter, Gigi.

* Side note * Put this show in your DVRs. Almost anything Leary touches in this TV space now, is great. He’s figured it out. And, Gillies is great, I f.cks with her now.

In the beginning it was hard, now I’m pretty used to it. I still constantly crave burgers, cheese and all the foods I can’t have, but I’ve learned to live without them.

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The struggle is so real people..

Apparently, according to a yahoo article from a couple of years back, she didn’t go vegan totally by choice, but actually because of a gluten allergy situation.

As its hard in the beginning and cravings never go away, she does have some really good advice for folks who are thinking about making the change..

Don’t cut everything out at once. Gradually eliminate foods out of your diet, and see how you feel. Make sure to find ways to balance out your diet so that you’re getting all the nutrients you need.

* Sounds like advice for life if you asked me.

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Check out some of the good stuff she’s cooked up these days.

I made this yesterday & it was so goood.

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Just made this. Recipe from the really great, healthy food blog, OhSheGlows.com. Very delicious.

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