Dude Starts a KICKSTARTER Campaign to make Potato Salad … Brilliant.

potato salad kickstarter


What I am sure started out as an absolute joke, is going to make this kid a lot of money. I got hip to this a couple of days ago when a friend of mine tweeted it out on Thursday night. How my guy found it, is something I need to ask him, because the guy had only raised about $150 to that point. My friend is a weirdo though… anyways, you gotta like how this is going to work out for this cat (after you pray over America because people are actually still giving him money) because I have a feeling this joke is going to have a long tail.

Now he is talking about hats and t-shirts and etc. I’m sure there will be a website at some point and he’ll be doing youtube videos and all of that stuff. Good for him I guess. He’s over $1500 and 3 days in. I’m going to watch this and see what number he ends up at after this thing really goes viral and people start throwing it up on the facebook since he is starting to get some national media run.

I’m making potato salad. – by Zack Danger Brown