DRAKE x WORST BEHAVIOR [VIDEO] : Add it to the playlist

This video came out at the perfect time. WORST BEHAVIOR is the latest single / visuals from Drakes incredible Nothing Was the Same album and its the perfect song for how I am feeling right now. Lets just say that I’m having some lady issues and I need something to bang these weights out to.

On my worst behavior, no?
They used to never want to hear us, remember?
Mufucka never loved us, remember?
Mufucka, remember?
Mufucka never loved us
I’m on my worst behavior
Don’t you ever get it fucked up
Mufuckas never loved us
Man, mufuckas never loved us
Worst behavior
Mufuckas never loved us
Fucka never loved us
Worst behavior

Lady issues. I’m on this program and instead of the red velvet cake that was brought for a coworkers birthday, I’m at my desk crushing a fucking apple. I didnt sleep at last night. I usually barely do anyways, but I didnt even get my four or five hours.

I was on some Drake emo shit last night, wanting someone to come through, someone that was supposed to come through but had something else to do.*

* What she had to do was legit, but I had this full clip and when she could have come thru later, there was some other stuff we had to air out. Fuckit. I’m on my worst behavior right now man….. man.