Dr. Natasha Sandy Talks Weight Loss with The Breakfast Club

Dr.Natasha Sandy discusses how you can loose weight and keep it off with The Breakfast Club.

Natasha Sandy, M.D. Dermatological Specialist – DrNatashaSandy.com

Lots of great stuff here from Dr. Sandy with the Breakfast Club recently. Take a look and listen to her on the best morning show in radio.

Dr. Sandy is a board certified physician with specialist training in Dermatology, who I first got hip to listening to the Breffis Club and seeing the transformation that she put Charla through. Started with his skin care, and basically turned him in to a whole new person with a fitness regimen and proper diet.

But, here is the thing. And, take it from a used-to-be-super-fat-dude, who is now just a husky dude, this shit is mad simple.

The good doctor even states that, but she puts it in better terms that I can say myself, but I keep it super regular.

In the last 6 or so months, I’ve lost 40+ pounds. And, that is with taking two months off from an injury that put me out of the game for a while. Here is the thing, its what you eat, and its about being active.

But when I say being active, I dont mean getting out and walking 20 minutes a day like some bs that you will here sometimes. Its not going to the gym and doing a couple of sets of bench.

It is eating right, and working your fucking ass off at the park, or at the gym, or hiking.

That’s it. That’s all you gotta go.

But, you really gotta do it.

And you have to be ready to really do it.

And trust me, I know, I’m a grown ass man that likes to toss them back, and eat tacos with chee on them and burritos with sour cream and waffles with a side of chicken. I make good money. I still get it in with the ladies. I still like to throw down a dart from time to time.

But you also have to not want to be fat and unhealthy.

Sorry, thats the real shit.

Once we get past that, there is no stopping you.

And lowkey, I still eat crazy, and I still drink. But its in moderation. If I’m feeling froggy, I will throw down a burrito. If I’m in my feelings, I will throw back a highball of brown water with rocks in it (or 5) …. but, I will also be at the gym by 7a to put in work.

Is what it is.

The good thing is that its all out there and it can all be done, we just have to do it. No teas, not quick fixes, no nothing but hard work and discipline.

Have a plan, commit to that plan, execute that plan.

Speaking of which, its time to start a new one. 30 pounds in 30 days. Summer will be here in no time. That will get me down to 200.

I havent seent 200 since high school. And, I was fucking jacked and ready to take on the world.

I’m feeling that again. Let’s do this.