Snoh Aalegra is a singer/songwriter from Sweden. She is a part of the Artium family and works under the wings of music producer No ID.

Snoh’s mini album “Don’t Explain” is now available on iTunes : Snoh’s debut EP, “There Will Be Sunshine” is out now via iTunes as well.

Now, I just happening to be listening to OVO Radio today while getting some work done and heard the UNDER THE INFLUENCE record that is an out-and-out jam, and needed to know more about Snoh.

I’d never heard of her, I didn’t think I did at least, and then as I was instagram stalking scrolling through her IG because I saw her pic of Zlatan and was throwed off, I saw a marquee from a show that she did in LA, and remembered driving past that show or getting an email about it, or something.

Now, I’m really mad at myself that I didn’t know about this chick before…. Great musical influences too, on her IG she has pics of Aretha, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Mike, Nas, etc.

She might be the next one… .I’m going out on a limb right now.

1??#Love ???

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I like EVERYTHING about Snoh. Forreal forreal.

Manga Girl ✨☄️❄️

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How in the hell does this video only have 300k views?!?