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Andy Fenner is a food writer, food designer and food entrepreneur and owner of Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants in Cape Town, South Africa. Their twitter says this, “We’re Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants. We do meat. Ethically-sourced, free-range meat to be exact. Proper meat.”

I came across this vimeo video the other day when I was searching for a sustainable meat video, and it just jumped out at me with the headline, “MEAT MANIFESTO.” I googled did an IME investigation and found the MM from Mr. Fenner. The manifesto is briefed below.

AF Meat Manifesto:

1. Don’t eat meat simply out of habit. Ask questions instead. Pause for a second. Is this meat good enough to actually provide me with pleasure or is it something that I take for granted?

2. Think about the animal that gave its life for that piece of meat. Beef is cow. Pork is pig. Meat doesn’t just magically appear in your supermarket aisles. Make the connection. And then ask yourself if you are at all concerned about the way the animals were treated.

3. Think hard about the way you cook your meat. Do you do it justice? Would you like to know a bit more about how to get the best benefits of various cuts? Meat is a luxury item and deserves to be treated as such.

4. Do you try different things with meat? Do you explore cooking techniques, textures, cheap cuts and offal? T

5. Do you stretch the meat that you buy as far as you can?

6. Are you willing to accept responsibility? The reason animals are pumped with things like growth hormones and additives is us. And our insatiable demand.

eat proper meat

After watching the video and reading the manifesto (full meat manifesto here), I can’t help but realize how on-brand with IME this whole thing is. This is exactly what I am trying to do and realize and figure out myself. Meat is a luxury. Meat doesn’t just come from the market. It is to be respected and thought about and valued as such. I like the thinking about where it came from and asking questions. I like the part about planning out what you are going to make and are you getting everything out of it that you can.

I recently started back up with a new CSA but this one lets you order meat as well rather than just fruits and vegetables. All of the animal is grass fed or free range. All of it is butchered by a proper butcher and prepared ethically. All of it is expensive as shit. But the cost makes sense, if that makes sense. When you really think about what is going in to the preparation of it, I get it. At the same time, that cost associated with it, makes you think about how you are preparing it, and how often you are eating it. $20 for 2 chicken legs will make you think about it. $30 for a pound of steak, proper steak of course, will make you think about it.

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