Dafuq am I doing with Apple Cider Vinegar?

apple cider vinegar

Honestly, I don’t know why I really bought this. It was a suggestion from a friend. A friend who does anything and everything right when it comes to health and fitness. She’s of the detox, and hiking, and vegan lifestyle, and working out, and drinking water and whatever else you can think of lifestyles and she has implored me to give this Apple Cider Vinegar thing a shot.

But, after doing some internet research, it actually seems like it can do a brother some good. It may all be snake oil but I’ve always thought of things like this have more of a placebo effect situation rather than an actual benefit. But, if you believe the internets, apparently there are some health benefits from ACV like lower blood sugar levels, biological benefits that help to kill off bad bacteria in the body, protection against some types of cancer, aids weight loss and benefits the heart.

Really though, I’m just doing it because I want to get in her pants and it gives us something else to talk about. But, if it helps some of those other things, I’m with it.