D△wn Richard is a Beautiful VEGAN

I f.cks with Dawn. Heavy.

My whole life has changed, I get up earlier, I want to exercise, I feel better, my skin feels better, and these are things that I didn’t even know coming from the south, coming from New Orleans..

Dawn-Angeliqué Richard, known professionally as Dawn Richard or D∆WN is a singer-songwriter producer independent artist best known for her time on Making the Band 3, being a member of Danity Kane, then a member of the much slept on group Diddy-Dirty Money, and now independent artist doing her thing in the electronic space.

Unbeknownst to me, she became vegan a few years ago. Check out this shoot that she just did with PETA.

Singer-songwriter D△wn tells PETA why she chose to go vegan. By replacing meat with soy and other animal-friendly proteins, she went from “a girl who needs crawfish and gumbo” to a happy, healthy vegan and an avocado addict!

We did a little IME investigation and Dawn has been Vegan for almost a year and a half.

Run it back to her twitter game when she just started out:

You know, one of the things that we always think (or at least I do) about vegetarianism and veganism is that its a sure fire way for someone to lose weight and all the people whom are vegan are hippy, skinny, almost emaciated looking folks and I think on some level that actually hurts the cause. I for one, wouldn’t want to feel and look weak from making the change. I for one, wouldn’t want my lady looking all skin and bones… the reason that I bring this up, and its going to sound crazy and kind of disrespectful, but its the truth and its actually big upping everything:

I don’t know what Dawn’s vegan game is like, but, she still gots a bangin’ a.s figure.

I say this because I’ve met Dawn a few times. Or rather, I’ve been at parties or events where Dawn was present and we did the shake and intro and move on thing, but that is neither here nor there… the reason that I bring it up is because Dawn’s body was B-A-N-G-I-N’ in person. Like, a.s for days. Like, one of the best figures I’ve ever seen on a woman. Like, my people make the joke about being able to put a drink on it and Dawns shape was that.

By the looks of the pics on her IG, she still has it. For me, thats a win or a green check or whatever in the positive column for veganism. You can do it, and still keep your cakes.

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Anyways, check out some pics of Dawn, follow here all over the internets and don’t sleep on her latest album Blackheart because it bangs.

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A photo posted by D∆WN (@dawnrichard) on

This is my favorite song on Blackheart

* Kind of crazy because I was doing this post and she dropped this video right in the middle of it, literally. It’s only been online for a couple of hours.

Blackheart by Dawn Richard available now on iTunes

Blackheart is on ITunes now. Link is in the bio. Join the Movement.

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D△wn: Being Vegan Is About ‘More Than Just Food’ – PETA