“Contemporary Man” by Action Bronson :: Add “BLUE CHIPS 2” to the playlist

Action Bronson

“Blue Chips 2″ is the new mixtape from Action Bronson & Party Supplies. AB has been a rising star in the rap game for a minute and every time he loads up new music, he represents. On Contemporary Man, he flexes.

I was sleeping on the kid and didn’t get hip to him until early 2011, but ever since then, he’s been low-key my favorite rapper in the game. BC2, is his new mixtape, fee download, and its nothing short of amazing. Head over to DATPIFF.com for the BLUE CHIPS 2 free download and rock it, you won’t be sorry!

Action Bronson used to be a chef as well. And he had a internet show I think… I may have to go ahead and pull some clips off the internets and throw a story together on him.

Queens rapper Action Bronson talks food, music and Flushing characters

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