Cindy Crawford’s Casa Burger available at Umami

Umami Burger invited fashion icon, supermodel and businesswoman Cindy Crawford into the kitchen to create her dream burger. She started with the classic flavors of a backyard barbecue, but then took a turn towards the beaches of Baja to create a burger that pairs with the Spicy Margarita created by her husband Rande Gerber.

This burger looks quite good.

I’d be hard pressed to believe that CC has ever tried this one though. Or eaten more than a couple of bites of it. And thats not a diss at all, but if I know anything about spuermodels and I will grant you that its not much, but I do know a lot about super hots chicks (I’m friends with many, nothing more though) is that they don’t get super hot eating like this.

The two just don’t match.

They want it.

They even order it.

But they would never put the whole thing like that down.

No way, no how.

Now, all of that being said, that burger looks amazing. And, even if Cindy isn’t crushing a double burger, with double chee, and jalapenos, guac, tortilla chips, etc. – that doesn’t mean she didn’t create a helluva burger.

$1 from each Casa Burger and Spicy Margarita sold will support childhood cancer research through the hospital’s “Fighting Cancer So Kids Won’t Have To” campaign.

Which is awesome.

There is literally a UMAMI within a 4 minutes walk from the penthouse so I might need to go try this out for the culture and see whats up.