Chrissy Teigen’s “CAKEGATE” was the best thing on the internet this week

I HATE YOU I am so scared to cut into you but also so excited to stab you with knives

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Chrissy Teigen is perfect. She’s the greatest.

This whole beef with making cake that has played out over the last couple of days on twitter and instagram is proof of it too.

I know she’s married. I know its all just her killing time and working on her celebrity on the social networks. I know it. But its also incredibly entertaining and its in incredible how she has used this thing as a part of the promotion to becoming who she is.

She’s brilliant at it.

Think about it… we know that most of these models types are just super attractive chicks, who get paid to be cute, but we never know their personalities.

Through social media, and being able to see another side of who they are, we are exposed to some of our favorite celebrities a lot more. We feel that we KNOW who CT is.

Or we think we know her, and them, but really we just know as much as they tell us. Here are things that I know and like about her. She’s not afraid to take off her clothes which is awesome… she’s not afraid to mix it up with an idiot poster who comments on her posts… and she isn’t afraid to show her vulnerable side. And she has awesome dogs.

This is all interesting to me, because I was having a discussion the other day about celebrity and the advent of the social network.

Its not necessarily that the celebrities created it, but they definitely made it poppin’.

And they definitely have used it to their advantage.

Was it that there was such a backlash a couple of years ago and they weren’t getting represented accordingly, so they all took it by the balls and started representing themselves on some level?

The networks allowed that, and allowed us to get closer to them in a figurative sense, and they have ran with it. A lot of them know exactly what they are doing and use it for good. A lot of them are idiots and use it to basically destroy their own careers. She knows exactly what she is doing even if it gets her into a little bit of hot water from time to time.

I like what she is doing and I hope she keeps it up and by the looks of it, she definitely will. Good looking cake too. But it was giving her the blues. Turned out good mama. Too bad she had that little parchment paper issue.

Go visit her on twitter and IG to get the full story, but here are the ig shots. It was a good time. Thanks Chris. We’re not friends, but I feel like we are, so thats why I call her Chris.

Although I know that she is actually from Utah and grew up there, that didn’t stop me from looking for a Chrissy Teigen type when I was in Thailand a couple of months ago…

My check in:

Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) ท่าอากาศยานสุวรรณภูมิ
I’m looking for a @chrissyteigen type … will this sign show me the way?????

Oh, and this is the vid she just posted… dammit man.

Shouts out to John Legend too by the way. That guys life doesn’t suck, does it?