Chrissy Teigen “Working Out” for LOVE Magazine

I’ll be honest, I kind of don’t know what is going on with this advent calendar from LOVE magazine…so much that I haven’t even taken the time to google it and find out what it is about, but I do know that they are putting out killer digital content.

I mean, I’m not being a dick about it and I do click through to their website and look around a little bit, but honestly I don’t know what the end game is here. I get it, tons of pretty people doing sexy tings, but do they just want us looking at the content and sharing it? Are they selling a physical copy of the greatest magazine ever? The greatest calendar ever?

I’m being serious here.

All that being said, lets not take away from the perfection that is Chrissy Teigen in this video. Yes, Bella Hadid and her director/photographer/whatever did something very similar on Day 1, but two weeks later, I am very fine with Chrissy Teigen and her director/photographer/whatever doing something very close but, with a Chrissy Teigen twist to it.

If I had to choose, I actually like Chrissys better.