Chrissy Teigen made Sangria . She’s the best follow on the Social Networks

* No update on how it turned out

I have a thing for Chrissy Teigen. She’s special. Funny. Cute. Self-depricating. True. She is all these things and then some. There arent a ton of celebrities that I like to follow on instagram and twitter, but following her is a great decision. Not only is she a smokeshow but she can cook her ass off and will post some food porn pics that are pretty special. Now, there are better follows if you are into seeing a whole bunch of T&A but every once in a while she will throw up some of that too. It helps. But she is quite good at social stuff without all of that.

She has it figured out and even though she is beautiful and been on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, her activity on the social networks is what has made her uber famous. Shes legit. That John Legend guy is pretty lucky!

Chrissy Teigen on twitter : Instagram