Chris Brown Owns 14 Burger King’s and Doesn’t Eat Beef or Pork

First-things-first, I’m a Chris Brown supporter.

He’s obviously made some horrrrrrible decisions in his life but he’s also lived to come out on the other side and talk about them. He may not always want to, but more times than not he owns up to his mistakes.

Living in Los Angeles and the greater Hollywood area, I get it. I’ve been around enough celebrities in intimate settings and known crews and crew members to seriously wonder how ANY of these cats are sane. Chris isn’t that much different than the rest of them and if you know a little bit about his adolescence, you can’t forgive him for some of the sh.t that he’s done, but you get it.

But that’s not the point of this post, just a personal opinion alert.

I was reading an article in US Weekly, a great thing they do called, “25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me” and they featured Breezie, who had a couple of things that popped out to me. Both food related. There are some other gems in there to check out too.

Chris Brown: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me – US Weekly

  • He owns 14 Burger King locations.
  • He doesn’t eat beef or pork.
That makes me happy. One thing you always worry about is these cats (or at least I worry) and their finances when you see them buying Lambos and getting silly tattoos (to each his own though) and spending money on things that you wouldn’t spend money on. But, it’s their money and their body so they can do what they want…. but its GREAT to know that he is thinking about his long-term future.

Chris is a bright dude. You can’t make the kind of hits that he makes, you can’t be as big a star as he is, being who he is, without being really smart.

You know, I once dated an industry chick, who was a dancer and she told me some great things about the dude. I was at a dinner party and had a long conversation with a producer who has made hits that you probably have in your iTunes library, who had similar feelings about him. They both told me that they hadn’t been around anyone in a long time that worked as hard as he did when he was in the studio.

The dancer, who has danced for some really big names said that Chris was as good a dancer as she’d ever seen. I remember thinking to myself, and this was before the Rihanna situation, that Chris was on the trajectory of being the next Mike. I know that sounds crazy but think about it. Ursher wasn’t Ursher anymore and it was time for that next guy to step up. Ush had laid some incredible groundwork for a crossover black artist to run sh.t and there was no Justin Beiber type yet.

My only problem with him now is that all of the songs that he writes follow the same theme: I’m richer than you, I’m fit, I’m going to take your girl and have sex with her, and there is nothing you can do about it.

We get it, and its probably true most times *, but you are better than that.

Another side note, Chris’ writing catelog is waaaaaaaay bigger than you think it is. He has written a lot of hits for other people. I always find it interesting that it goes in waves in the industry. When the pen is hot, its on fire hot. Chris, Neyo, Keri Hilson and a couple of other people were basically writing every single hit for about a 5 year span, it was incredible.

Anyways, shouts out to Chris for being about his money and his future. Salute to the dude. By the way, did you know that he is only 26 years old? Seems like that dude is 40 right now he’s been through so much.

* It’s actually true all the time. I used to go out on the reg and there was this one spot in LA, actually its still there and its called PLAYHOUSE. It’s one of the few “Miami” type of clubs that we have here in LA in the way that its set up. So, I was there with as a hanger on to a dj dude and some of the homies that are in the mix and it was one of the greatest club nights I’d had in LA. … and then Chris walked in. And this was during the time that things were still wavy with Rihanna. It was a couple of years past, but it was during that time when everyone kept asking him about it and he was starting to turn up when it was asked…. anyways, he walks in, and when I tell you that EVERY woman in the building stopped what they were doing and immediately focused on him trying to make eye contact, believe it. It was like something I’d never seen before. And, I’ve been in the room with Jay Z and Puff and guys from Limp Bizkit when they were setting the world on fire and a lot of other folks. The only time that I can say it was close was when I was somewhere and Enrique Eglasias was near and people knew who he was…. but that’s different because Enrique is a little dude and can kind of play the low. Chris is like 6’2, and he loves attention. He was doing the taking off his shirt thing and mic takeover as they were playing his songs. It was great. It was a legit superstar situation. Wimmens LOVE this dude.