Chipotle Releases their Guacamole Recipe

chipotle guac recipe

It’s no secret in these parts how much I am on the Chipotle bandwagon… and in the last few weeks they’ve done even better things.

Recently, they released their guacamole recipe. Guess what… they use the exact same ingredients that I do and probably the exact great ingredients that you do.

Hass avocados, lime juice, cilantro, red onion, jalapeño (including seeds) and salt.

That’s literally, and should be, everyone’s guacamole recipe. It’s all in the wrists though. And in your avocado selection if we are being honest. Bad avo’s and it doesn’t matter what you do. Horrible mixing skills and you are going to need to call someone else in.

Here is the link to Chipotle guac so that you know the measurements. (I don’t use measurements because I’m just that kind of guy)

Here is something else they did recently. Awesome company.

We're now making all of the food at our US restaurants with only non #GMO ingredients.

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* This is something super random, but something I was thinking the other day. Do you think that Chipotle x guacamole is the reason that the company blew up and became a nationwide phenomenon? Not just that by itself, but how big of a part did it play?

I ask because I was thinking about it after a friend told me a story about how his parent had never really eaten avocados because they werent in his part of the country. He has people that he knows, whom had never had an avocado until they were in their 30s. Could it be that this great food with this strange natural substance that was so good that it literally but the battery in that company’s growth?

Side note to that… there is a place in the Valley where I live in LA, called Poquito Mas, and I can tell you that their food and success is directly related to their use of the guac. When I’d first moved to the valley, I would either go there or to another fast caj mexican food spot called Baja Fresh, that made pretty good burritos as well. But, PM put a grip of guacamole in their burritos. At BF, it was an add on. Chipotle got my business.

The interesting thing is that Poquito Mas, no longer puts anywhere near as much guac in their burritos, and I don’t go there anywhere near as much as I used to. Maybe its just me, but I don’t know…. guac is important.

I didn’t make a big enough deal about the GMO thing, that is huge.