China Considering Nationwide Ban on Smoking in Public

girl smoking china

“Optimistically, I expect that we can have a national smoke-free law in China within a year.” – Yang Jie, Deputy Director CDC Office of Tobacco Control

Chinese leaders are considering a nationwide ban on public smoking alongside a tightening of regulations for the state-run tobacco monopoly. In a country with over 300 million smokers and a tobacco industry that generates more than $95 billion in tax revenues, those may prove to be impossible feats – despite the obvious health risks associated with smoking. – the diplomat

According to Yang Jie, the deputy director of the CDC’s Office of Tobacco Control, the Chinese legislature has been conducting research into a smoking ban since earlier this year. At present, smoking bans in China are largely limited to schools and hospitals.

Smoking is hella bad for you…. but smoking is hella big business.

As a smoker, I know the difficulty there is to quitting and its quite ridiculous to think about the statistics when they are laid out there bare for you. Check out this video I just found, the story is part of the series “Cancer’s New Battleground — the Developing World.”

I’m going to write more about this…. I need to think on it.