Chef Matt Jennings visits some real food artisans in Vermont :: HANDMADE from BREVILLE

Chef Matt Jennings‘ motto is, “Food can only be as good as the ingredients you start with.” With numerous awards and write-ups, he is well recognized for his knowledge, appreciation, and expertise in the world of artisan foods, and for his specific concentrations: cheese, charcuterie, and nose-to-tail, as well as seasonal cooking.

Here, he visits micro producers in Vermont and learns what it takes to be committed to quality and craftsmanship. – Breville

* I happen to find this video right now as I was looking at buying a new blender…. I was thinking about going Vitamix, but in looking to save a couple of bucks I was looking for something comparable and I’m familiar with Breville products. When I went to their youtube page to check out one of their models, I happen to see this video on the homepage.

This video is great. This chef calls upon some of his friends in Vermont and explores some of the “new food movement” that is going on in the States and he visits some real artisans who are contributing to the food culture in a real day to day way. He starts off at a goat farm where a friend is producing what looks like some really great cheeses, then he heads to a beer spot that I am familiar with because I have seen a ton of images on instagram. It must be good. He also checks out a charcuterie spot that is using some old methods on new technology to produce outstanding meats and also a newfangled chocolate spot that has some pretty expensive bars. I looked on the site and they are like 6 bucks a piece so you know they must be sex in a wrapper.

I threw up some links to all of the vendors that he visits, so you should check them out and throw them some love and buy some shit.

twig farm

Twig Farm is a small goat dairy and cheese making business run by Michael Lee and Emily Sunderman. Our farm is located in West Cornwall, VT

Twig Farm produces award-winning aged raw milk goat cheeses. All of our cheeses are made by hand and patiently aged in our aging cellar

heady topper beer

Heady Topper is a double India Pale Ale brewed by The Alchemist in Waterbury, VT. It is unfiltered and contains 8% ABV. Unpasteurized, it is kept refrigerated by authorized retailers until point of sale. As of August, 2013, it was rated the number one beer in the world by Beer Advocate, and has been described as “a complex web of genius.” Sold only within 20 miles of the brewery in limited production, it sells out within days or hours of being released.

The Alchemist is a small, family run brewery specializing in fresh, unfiltered IPA. We are currently focused on brewing one beer perfectly – Heady Topper, an American Double IPA.

middlebury chocolate

Middlebury Chocolates is a small, artisan chocolate maker founded in Middlebury, Vermont that specializes in flavorful dark chocolates made straight from the cocoa bean.

vermont salumi

Vermont Salumi situated in Central Vermont, calls upon centuries of Italian tradition and methodology to unite meat, salt, and spices into something that is more than the sum of its parts. Sourcing only heritage breed, pasture-raised pork from neighboring farms, founder Peter Roscini Colman crafts the finest cured meats and sausages the old-fashioned way.