Check the New “Car Parking Matrix” in Chinatown : Lotus Garden

Lotus Garden provides sixty (60) dwelling units consisting of (15) studio, (15) 1-bedroom, (10) 2- bedroom and (20) 3-bedroom apartments. The project provides outdoor recreation area, a community room, onsite laundry and onsite parking for 63 vehicles. Here is a demonstration of the automated parking machine that is also in the building.

This is cool. I wonder what you have to do or who you have to be to get one of these 17 automated parking spaces…. and in version 2.0, I wonder if there is a queue system available or a way to call it down so that if you are in a hurry you can get that process started on your way down?

car parking matrix chinatown

Now that I think about it though, that could be kind of dangerous… if you are waiting on your car and someone just dials it in from upstairs, we could have a situation. But, then again, with all the safety features and all that, I’m sure they could set up some sort of light system / guardrail extensions to make sure that people are clear when things are moving. Or, what if there is a concierge type of situation, and you can just have them control it. That would be cool, unless you were trying to creep and didn’t want to have cats knowing all of your business…

Here is where Lotus Garden is in CHINATOWN

lotus garden chinatown

I want to live here by the way….. why don’t they make places like this in Burbank?

To learn more about LOTUS GARDEN, head here to the Affirmed Housing Group website