CHAMPION SEAFOOD :: The Second Best Meal I Had in THAILAND

champion seafood 1

This is kind of a flashback Saturday situation for me… I was going through some old pictures and kind of forgot that I have about 1000 pictures from Thailand that I should probably edit and post at some point.

For anyone who knows about taking pictures with a DSLR, you know that there is a gift and a curse of all this new tech. The gift is that you can literally take 1000s of pictures and know that you are going to end up with some amazing shots… the curse, is that you can take 1000s of pictures, with out even really noticing it, but then you have to somehow edit down and eliminate about a million pictures to get the ones that you want, and the ones that you want to show people.

Well, I am nowhere near the finish line, but I saw this picture group and wanted to throw it up here, because this was another awesome meal that I had in Thailand… wasn’t the best (it was second place), but it was still really good!

champion seafood 2

Eating local in Thailand… is not for the faint of heart. This is the setup that you see as you walk upon the restaurant. And I use the word restaurant freely, because its basically a sectioned off area about 20 feet off of the main road. All of the food is right there on the sidewalk, there are tables and chairs set up behind the food stands, and there are kitchens set up every 100 feet or so to cook the food you just selected.

* When I say kitchens, that is being very liberal when compared to american standards. As you can see below, its basically propane tank fueling hot plates. Its great!

champion seafood 3

champion seafood 4

champion seafood 5

As you can see, there is plenty of fresh seafood… its right there on the floor in buckets….

You get a menu when you sit down. You order what you want. Then you go over to the street side section and determine the size you want to order. Everything is priced by weight….

champion seafood 6

champion seafood 7

champion seafood 8

These are the biggest scrimps I’d ever seen in my life. These are truly prawwwwwns. I said on instagram when I first saw these, “THIS is a prawn.”

I said:

“PRAWNS” have been re-defined for me. If ANY restaurant ANYWHERE in America tries to serve me a prawn and it’s smaller than a normal sized Thai mans fist….. I’m sending it back and telling them to take the word “Prawns” off the menu.

…and I’m serious. I can never look at prawns or king scrimps the same again.

champion seafood 9

These 4 shrimps equaled 1 kilogram. Think about that….

champion seafood 10

Here they are cook and ready. There was enough shrimps meat for them to BUTTERFLY them and serve them. Thats crazy.

champion seafood 11

This is some beef something or other….

champion seafood 12

This is more tom yum soup (spicy)….

champion seafood 13

Full meal on the table. We didn’t even get close to finishing all of it. Last meal of the trip though so we went hard.

champion seafood 14

Propane tanks fueling the kitchen.

champion seafood 15

champion seafood 16

And this was my favorite homey of all…. Just washing dishes and smoking heaters the whole time. Don’t know if that is sanitary.

champion seafood 17

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