Celebrity “chef” Guy Fieri and a ‘hairdresser’ get into a fight … punches through the open car door… wait, whaaa?

via TMZ

The video — obtained by TMZ — shows Ariel Ramirez punching Guy through the open door of the SUV, swearing at him. You also see Guy kicking him. Ariel is so mad, he cries uncontrollably during the fight.

* This is interesting… I’m sure there will be more to come of this story. For one, who knows if that is really GF.

The cat in the passenger seat is definitely wearing some super bro’d out Guy Fieri type of pants, but we dont see him, we just see some dude crying hysterically throwing bombs through an open car door. Guy can’t actually dress like that in real life, can he?

No update on Guy’s twitter yet…

guy fieri twitter

According to the story from TMZ, who sourced someone close to Guy, it was just the homies on a plane told they had all been drinking on the flight and used a car service to take them home. Everyone was tanked up and things got a little out of hand at the airport, but they’re all good now.”

Here is the full story over at TMZ