Casey Neistat Goes to the New York “Create Your Taste” McDonalds

We’ve talked about and posted about Casey Neistat in this space before, so I won’t go in to detail, just do your googles and find out about him if you arent hip.

This is different. Casey is engulfed in a project where he is literally making a movie, every single day and posting it to youtube and this one dropped a few days ago. To say the least, it’s popular.

he and his mate head over to the “Create Your Taste McDonalds to try out this new artisan situation that the D’s is working on.

I think its pretty interesting, check out the video.

Two things here/

1 – Casey Neistat is just absolutely killing the new media game.

2 – McDonald’s is not going away, and I must say, I admire their sticktoititiveness.

They are really really trying to figure this thing out. I think this beta artisan D’s place could be something that really catches on. If they continue their transparency in the products and we all become more aware of where it’s coming from, they might be on to something.

I looked more in to this Create Your Taste thing and I guess it piloted in Australia