Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton is a Pescatarian

*He talks about his eating habits and new diet toward the middle of the video

“Ever since I gave up the meat … I like it. I like the way I was feeling. I stuck with it ever since.”

Cam Newton, while hosting his 2nd annual “Cam’s Thanksgiving Jam” in North Carolina, and fielding some questions from the gathered press, dropped the news on everyone that he won’t be eating turkey and all of the ham and all of the chicken and regular proteins that we normally associate with Thanksgiving because he’s now on a FISH-ONLY diet.

I’ve got this diet now. Been going 8 months strong. Only eating fish…. I’m officially a PESCATARIAN. If its in the sea, pretty much, it will be on my plate.”

The interesting thing about it, is how he came to be one… Challenging himself and his discipline on and off the field from things like “only drinking water” during the week to sometimes not eating solid foods? he is testing himself and his ability to sacrifice. Interesting stuff from the lad, and pretty refreshing.

Everyone likes to remind us about how immature he was when he first came in to the league and how much of a party boy that he has been, but I think he has shown time and again that he is about the life, he is dedicated to being the greatest athlete, quarterback and man that he can be, and I’m happy to see him do so.

Its also pretty interesting to me that earlier this week I had written something about being a Pesco and hadnt heard of Cams conversion. Interesting

ICYMI :: What is…. Pescetarianism and the Pescetarian Diet?

Random side note, my mother lives in North Carolina and her life partner is the biggest Panthers fan, I think in the world. The dude has one of those life-sized decals smack dab on both sides of his truck and every time we talk, the first thing out of his mouth is “Did you see the Panthers?”

I don’t have the heart to tell him that the only way I’m seeing the Panthers on TV is if they are playing the Patriots or something like that…. they aren’t super big time yet BUT I think they will be with this cat toting the rock around. From what I have seen, athletically, mentally, and as far as he has come in the last few years, I think this dude may be the best quarterback in the league for the next 5 to 7 years…. he is an absolute beast out there.

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