Carbonara’ish with Rainbow Chard, Mushrooms and Coconut Cream : My Recipes

rainbow chard

As you can tell from previous posts here on IME, I am pretty much one of those random, ‘throw-anything-you-got-in-to-a-dish’ type of guys, and this is just another one of those recipes….

I mentioned a day or so ago that I received some rainbow chard in my latest FFTY delivery and I had no clue what to do with it…. A buddy suggested that he has a really good carbonara recipe that included chard, but he never emailed me the recipe…. I got impatient…. and inventive.

I was at the market yesterday and found this:

bacon muenster chee

I also had some uncured bacon that was just begging to go with this dish, so I got to work. Chard. Bacon. Mushrooms. Coconut Cream. That chee. Some quinoa rotelle pasta. annnnnnd mix in some Tabasco and/or Srirachu – bartenders choice!


chard bacon

chard bacon mushroom

chard bacon mushroom coconut cream

chard bacon mushrooms coconut cream chee

mix with pasta

Toss with a little bit more coconut cream and top with some chee (or not) (or maybe some reggiano)… this was a test run, and it was just ok. I have a plan for the next one though, this was a freestyle.

This for That.

I used quinoa pasta instead of regular pasta. I’d cook it longer next time, but this was my first, so I needed to test it out.

I used the coconut cream instead of egg, so that is why I’m calling it carbonara’ish.

To do next time.

Season more. Mix chee and coconut cream independent of everything else. Toss it all together at the finish rather than one-panning it. Invite a chick so I can impress her with my cooking. Enjoy!

pasta mix bowl 2

By the way… you know what I just realized, this dish was really light on the meat situation. Sahweet!