Can STREETLINE’s “Parker” Parking App Save the World?

Streetline’s technologies help you truly understand and effectively manage parking in your city.

To make Smart Parking a reality, Streetline brings together all aspects of parking management technology in one integrated system — from street-level sensors to mobile apps, analytics and system management software — so that you can truly understand and manage your city’s parking to make changes for the better. – STREETLINE

Obviously, thats a super dramatic post headline, but if you listen to Kurt Buecheler, SVP, Business Development of Streetline, you actually feel that this app might just save the world…. and make Streetline and cities a ton of money…. and you know what, I kind of believe it.

I live in Los Angeles, and if I am being totally honest, there are a lot of times when there are places that I don’t go to, or places that I do go to – but I leave without ever going into my destination – due solely to knowing that the parking situation there will be effed up.

Something like this, would help.

Interestingly enough, I was having a conversation with some friends over some beers a year or so ago about something like this because LA is such a shit show when it comes to parking. There was no way that my motley crew would ever be able to develop something like this, but we were all in agreement that someone was going to make a TON of money if they came out with it.

The one thing that really gets me going here are the sheer numbers that the Mr. Buecheler is telling us. Being in marketing, I do know that there is a grain of salt to be taken with any numbers quoted in a presentation, BUT, the argument is very compelling… and even knowing that all of those numbers are potential numbers with a ton of ‘could be’ and ‘should be’ and ‘would be’ attached to it, but I think when you want to change big, you have to think big and those big thoughts and statements are the things that get the people excited.

When we look at trying to create a sustainable society, I think that a lot of the times what come to find out as we start doing things is that we may be able to make a world of difference in places that we never thought we could. I would bet, that when they first thought this up, carbon emissions and fossil fuels and municipal dollars were not the things that brought the first guys to the table. I’m sure it was something like a few really smart guys, think tanking, and coming up with ideas and someone just mentioned how parking in their city sucked. And how awesome it would be if they created an app or a program that monitored every parking stall in a city. And as the idea evolved, a whole lot of numbers came in to play that could support what they were doing…. and then they said something like, “Well, you know what, the real money will be if we can get some government agencies involved….

I don’t know by any stretch if that is how it started, but I’m sure there is a lot of that here. But, I like this, I think that this is and will be great when its all said and done and five years from now this kind of application is used in every major city in the world … and I’m going to download it, now.

To learn more about the PARKER App, go here to, or check it out on MASHABLE, or just download it on iTunes here