Bro, I’m Gonna need a spot and a tetanus shot :: “OUTDOOR GYM” in the Ukraine

An Outdoor Gym in Kiev.

If you are at this “gym,” you know you are about that life. I’m not gonna say that this fulfills all of my dreams when I think of an “outdoor gym in the Ukraine” and not to be rachel, but this is EXACTLY what fulfills my dreams when I think of an “outdoor gym in the Ukraine!”

lat pulldowns ukraine

Imagine if you worked out at this spot, and then came to LA to be a big time star, and then saw someone on the lat pulldown machine on their cell phone wasting time… would you jam a 10lb weight into the back of their skull?

Sooooo, when I was a kid and they had all of those strong man competitions on ESPN and I wondered why Americans never won and it was some dude named Sven from Czechoslosomething or a dude named Viktor or a name with way too many consonants and not enough vowels ….. now I have my answer.

smith machine ukraine

All jokes aside, this is kind of awesome. The name of the video on youtube is “Worst Gym Ever” but I’m gonna call it the best gym ever… The times when I was my most jacked and got my best workouts were in gyms that were like a garage with no ventilation and not enough weights. The kind of gym where you don’t know exactly how much you are lifting, just that you can lift it and throw it around 10 to 12 times. None of this rubber weight shit, just iron and will. Get jacked!

There is a lot of stuff that needs to be explained about this video… but there is just one main thing for me: “Where the hell is everyones shirt?” I get it that you want to give tickets to the gun show, but I have a good feeling that a lot of this equipment isn’t getting wiped down on the reg, or shielded from the elements for that matter. Can you imagine the germ activation out there?

* Video spotted at Elite Daily