Breaking News :: A “Southern-Style Diet” is Bad For You

A recently-conducted study by the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that a ‘Southern-style’ diet more than doubles heart disease risk, complications from stroke, and lead to an early hearth related death.

People who most often ate foods conforming to the Southern-style dietary pattern had a 56 percent higher risk of heart disease compared to those who ate it less frequently.James M. Shikany, Dr.P.H., prof. in Division of Preventive Medicine

Southern-style diet” is code word for cooking with grease, lots of butter, lots of fats, and don’t eat a lot of vegetables. Hey guys, people get paid to do this kind of research…. I will say this though, I went to visit my mother in North Carolina and did a lot of restaurants, take-out and soul food spots, and I was taken aback the dearth of vegetable options when comparing menus to what I see here in SoCal.

Seriously guys, the only sides that I saw on the reg were greens and salad. There wasn’t a whole bunch of kale options, or spinach options, or “summer quinoa” or any brussels sprouts options, or broccholini options. I was stunned, in a real way. There were meats and mac-n-chee and hush puppies and fries. Lots of stuff wrapped in bacon though. So, it kind of makes sense that this was a study from a school in the south, I guess, but yeah..

Check out the full report here:

Southern-style eating strikes again: Study finds diet pattern increases heart disease risk – UAB