Breaking Borders eps. 1 :: Mariana and Michael travel to Israel and Palestine.

Breaking Borders follows seasoned journalist Mariana van Zeller and acclaimed chef Michael Voltaggio as they travel into conflict zones to get the story behind the story.

In episode 1, called Mother of All Conflicts, Mariana and Michael travel to Israel and Palestine and soak up some of the local culture, gain an understanding of all sides of the conflict and the different perspectives, and have a sit down with several individuals who represent the different sides of the conflict.

This is a power, powerful, episode.

This is an important episode. This, looks like, its a very important show *

It, in my mind, should actually be some sort of required viewing for not only children, but adults, educators, or anyone with a conscious.

By the way, the young lady at the end, imho had the best perspective of them all. Funny how the younger generations always tend to have that but dont necessarily speak up when their voice is the strongest. Then, as adults, they seem to be very set in their ways and fall in line with what parents and our predecessors have said and done.

Hopefully, many young voices stand up and put an end to this thing. It’s not good for anyone.

* I’m no TV executive, obviously, but this show is incredible and its incredibly important. I don’t want to throw any shade toward Discovery Channel because I love DC, I watch a lot of their programming, but I have to say that something like this should be on CNN, or fucking Network television. This IS NOT “just another one of those cooking shows”, this has depth, this has substance, this is covering real social issues. Why on gawds green earth this isn’t made for the mass MASS audience is beyond me.