Boston installs “SOOFA’s” – Solar Park Benches that charge phones and give “location-based information”

soofa boston

Soofa is a solar-powered bench that provides you with free outdoor charging and location-based information like air quality and noise levels by uploading environmental sensor data to The smart urban furniture is developed by Changing Environments, a MIT Media Lab spin-off.

The creators behind the smart urban furniture, Soofa, are three women who share one vision: Getting you out of the homes and into a new, smarter and more sustainable city. – SOOFA

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh sits down on a solar-powered bench with Sandra Richter, the designer of Soofa, just off a trip to the White House. Not only has the bench been shared by the leader of the free world and the leader of Boston, but it can charge your phone and gather air quality data – making our cities smarter.

As Sandra said in the video, all of the data collected loads right up to the soofa website (another genius move btw) and it reads out like this.

soofa boston location map

Obviously, as they get more benches, in more cities, this will be fairly difficult to manage from an end user perspective, but I imagine the meta data that they collect is an absolute goldmine. Well done.

Other stuff I wonder as well, is how long it takes to charge a phone, who their partners are that will be getting any information directly from them other than whats on the soofa site. Things like that.

(H/t to Elite Daily)