Book Alert :: “Of All the Gin Joints”

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In OF ALL THE GIN JOINTS, Mark Bailey has pillaged the Hollywood vaults of history from the frontier days of silent film up to the psychedelic 1970’s to dig up the true – and often surprising – stories of America’s most iconic silver-screen legends in this spirited look at the decadent, alcohol-soaked world of Hollywood fame and fortune.

This book is special and its was done by Mark Bailey, the author, Edward Hemingway the illustrator with consultation from Paul Keo and Drew Jacobson from Luminosity Entertainment.

This book, has just about everything that I love. You’d be surprised at the amount of books that we put down between the crew – from soccer books to autobiographies to fiction to stuff like this. A good friend of mine told me about this book. She just shot me a text and said, “There’s a book party at a local spot in DTLA that I think you should come to. You will like the spot and you will love the book.”

I happened to be out of town the night of the party but I got myself a copy of the book and I felt the need to share it. I have a great love for an adult bevy. I have a great love for Hollywood and LA. I have a love for books.

This book, combines them all.

I took a couple of shots of the book so you could see whats it all about. I’ll leave out some of the wonderful anecdotes because they are something you should read for yourself but this book is a page-turner.

of all the gin joints book 2

The beginning and the breakdown of what you are about to read. Inside the book, you don’t just get the stories… you also get EXCELLENT drink recipes and you get some historical breakdowns of various watering holes, restaurants, and hotels that helped make this city famous. Some of these joints are still active…. VERY active.

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Get Of All the Gin Joints at amazon, B+N, or any other book source. You won’t be sorry.

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As you can tell, these are actual shots, from me actually reading it in front of my computer. These aren’t glamour shots. This is just a wildly entertaining book.

of all the gin joints book 5

Look, I’m enjoying this book itself – but I will be honest, the price of this book (a ridiculously reasonable $13 bucks on amazon) is worth it for just the bibliography and sources that are at the end of the book. There’s pages of them. I should have figured, but I never knew that this many books about drunkass Hollywood stories existed.

This book here, Of All the Gin Joints, is a great starter to get into that life. I can’t wait to knock out a whole host of these.

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This is the quote on the back cover. Its perfect.

There is something else that I noticed about this book, after I was finished reading, that I found interesting… about 50% of the folks mentioned in the stories, I’ve never heard of by name until this book.

Obviously in telling their story or some anecdote about them, you get a sense of who they were and you have an “Ohhhh, that guy” moment. But the coolest part is that you get your google machine on and find out more and more about them. I like shit like that.

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