BMW’s, Beers and Bros : LA Vegan Beer and Food Fest

The LA Vegan Beer and Food Festival was May 16 at Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, Ca.

40 breweries were on hand. 40 food and restaurant vendors were on hand.

Live music, art instalations, and more were on hand.

Here was my time there…

Vegan Beer and Food - 1

The line, ladies and gentlemen, was out-of-control. Luckily, we had a hook. A friend of mine, hit me up and said he had tickets to this Beer and Food thing and I was in from the jump.

Lowkey, I think this dude in line by us was Aaron Rogers. It wasn’t him, because this dude was like 6’5 and Rodgers is around 6’2 and this guy had an ill ‘stache. He could get away with it though. If I was in my early 20’s again and in college, I would no doubt run, “he’s the pro athlete and I’m his agent’ game with this dude every single weekend. We’d clean up.

Vegan Beer and Food - 2

Vegan Beer and Food - 3

Vegan Beer and Food - 4

Free taster glass.

You could buy a pint glass for 10 bucks (which by the way, would have been the best idea ever) and you get a couple of food stops and incredible things before you ever end up inside the stadium.

Vegan Beer and Food - 5

Here is the BMW i3. I’m going to be honest here…. this rig is super sexy. I’d be all over this if I didn’t already have a Beemer that’s paid off. Seriously, this is a nice car. But, pro tip, don’t bring a hiSo car to a vegan festival, with leather seats.

Let’s just say that this didn’t go over well with this demographic.

Vegan Beer and Food - 6

Vegan Beer and Food - 7

I don’t want to be a dick, but this IS NOT the best gumbo in the hood. Maybe a certain hood, but not Pasadena. Or anywhere that I’ve been.

Sweet people, great energy, but the gumbo just wasnt the best.

Vegan Beer and Food - 8

I will say this though… I’ve made a ton of gumbo and I can tell you that this might just have been a bad day. Gumbo is real sometimey and it can go real sideways real quick.

Vegan Beer and Food - 9

Slice of life, yes please.

Vegan Beer and Food - 10

As far as fake burgers and fake cheese go, this was really good.

I would eat one of these all the time and look at it as a legit substitute for my burger thing. If you season it correctly and have the tomato and lettuce and right aoli, you can be good with this.

Vegan Beer and Food - 11

Vegan Beer and Food - 12

This right here brought up a lot of questions to the crew.

If you Los Angeles’ only all VEGAN tattoo shop, what does that really mean. Does it mean that the tattoo ink and products are vegan or does it just mean that this is a tattoo shop owned by and worked in by vegans?

Turns out, that it means all of the above. No products that are either some derivation of animal, or tested on animals. Everything has some connection to animals I am starting to find out by the way… and the owner operator is a vegan for almost two decades.

Monocle Tattoo.

Vegan Beer and Food - 13

Just interested because of the play on words… everything from the south is derrrty! This is clean soul food.

Vegan Beer and Food - 14

This is walking in. Nice crowd, maybe 20 minutes after the doors opened for gen pop. They were expecting about 8,000 people to come in….

Vegan Beer and Food - 15

These are cool. They were stationed all around and had free chalk to bomb on the thingy

Vegan Beer and Food - 19

This was the first beer I tried, and I only tried it because there was no line.

I’m all in.

This HOUSE BEER is delicious! And, the cats that poured it were suuuuper bro-ey. Puffy vest. Henley shirt underneath. Wayfarer sunglasses. Big white watches. Trucker hats with the House Beer logo.

Vegan Beer and Food - 20

But here is the thing, I’m not hating on it at all. Its the perfect marketing for this kind of libation. And, it was good as shit. I would say that its along the lines of a Curz, or a Miller Lite or a Budweiser, but graduated a little bit.

A nice clean summer lager that you could sit by a pool or any body of water and drink all day long.

I literally finished and had my mans fill my glass back up again because I was feeling that one.

Vegan Beer and Food - 21

Line for the Grilled Chee Truck.

Fuck that noise.

Saw this dude chillin

Vegan Beer and Food - 22

Vegan Beer and Food - 23

Pro tip, pay the extra for the VIP next time around.

Vegan Beer and Food - 24

You walk right in and its a breeze. You don’t have to wait in line for bathrooms… and you have your own section.

The VIP was hella cool but I didn’t take too many pics. Had our own lounging area, exclusive pours that you just don’t get out in genpop and you got to chill in the set up that is the locker room for the home team. It was quite tits actually.

Vegan Beer and Food - 25

The rest is just sites from the day. I’ll just in if there is something I really need to speak on.

Vegan Beer and Food - 26

Vegan Beer and Food - 27

Vegan Beer and Food - 28

Vegan Beer and Food - 32

Vegan Beer and Food - 33

Vegan Beer and Food - 34

There was something going on with these barriers that they put between the food prep and the customers.

Just little holes that you stick your hand through to hand over the cash, but we thinks they put them on upside down because you shouldn’t have to bend over at the waist like that just to talk to a guy.

Vegan Beer and Food - 35

A little hot about this one.

Of all the food choices, I was wanting to get on this mac and chee waffle situation. But, brosef was cool and gave me the heads up that it would be at least 20 or 25 minutes until they were able to cook some more. He didn’t take my bread and then tell me. I appreciate that.

So, I’m going to track this dude down and do a taste test and a post on it.

Vegan Beer and Food - 36

Vegan Beer and Food - 40

Vegan Beer and Food - 41

This girl, super cute.

Vegan Beer and Food - 42

This beer, super good.

Vegan Beer and Food - 43

This one too. Top 3 beer of the day for me.

Vegan Beer and Food - 44

Vegan Beer and Food - 45

Vegan Beer and Food - 46

I just found this funny. You aren’t able to really see it but they had to cross out kosher. I didn’t ask why, but I’m sure it was someone being super aggressive and explaining to them EXACTLY what kosher means.

Vegan Beer and Food - 47

Vegan Beer and Food - 48

Vegan Beer and Food - 49

Here is the look when we were taking off about 2 hours later.

As you can see, it definitely got a lot thicker by the time we were about to skeedattle and it was just getting started really.

We both had prior engagements, and didn’t neeeeearly take proper advantage of it, but it was a good time had by all for sure.

Vegan Beer and Food - 50

Vegan Beer and Food - 53

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