Bill Clinton and Kobe Bryant talking “PROJECT PLAY”

Talking youth sports with Mr President. #projectplay #healthmatters #nanthealth


ESPN, the Aspen Institute, and the Clinton Foundation have come together to facilitate a powerful conversation about the role of sports in the lives of children and the health of the nation through a premiere town hall event on the topic, “Kids and Sports.” Headlined by President Bill Clinton and NBA All-Star and Olympic Gold Medalist Kobe Bryant, the program will inform the work of the Aspen Institute Project Play, which recognizes that in some US communities just one in five kids play sports, and convenes leaders to explore potential solutions.

ESPN will tape the event, “ESPN Town Hall: Kids and Sports” and air a condensed version on ESPN2, Feb. 9 at 8 pm ET.

The initial focus of Project Play is on the sport activity of children ages six to 14 — early positive experiences. Their analysis is that access to quality sport participation opportunities rests on three pillars:

• People – trained coaches and administrators

• Places – sufficient community parks and facilities

• Programs – appropriate to age, gender, culture, skill and income level

Their events explore gaps and opportunities within each those pillars, capturing the most promising ideas in reports, video and other materials shared on the website and via social media.