Big Sean has an awesome new “MARTIN” video and LOVES Chipotle

This video is just perfect. I don’t think that there is a day that goes by that I don’t think of a similar scenario that is happening in my current life with a joke or an episode that parallels it in the show Martin. It’s probably my favorite sitcom ever. It was perfect.

I guess Sean feels the same way. And apparently the ‘Otle has him feeling some type of way too.

I get it.

Shouts out to Big Sean on the last few years. I actually remember him when he first came out and yeah he had some of that Kanye dust on him so everyone had to feel him a little bit, but he wasn’t quite that dude. He is now. And he’s a lot better rapper than he was back then too. Dude can buss. Me and some of the homies were having this discussion over the text message last night after the video dropped. He kind of gave up a lot of the gimmicky rap shit and just started to flowing crazy, and ever since then he’s one of the best.

Just doesnt get all the credit that he deserves imo.

This video is fresh. Hopefully, it will inspire a lot of these folks out here to start getting more creative with their videos and making them count. Look, he’s a big star and obviously has some budget but this video couldnt have been that expensive to shoot. It’s dope though.

…annnnnnnnd, I’ve fallen into a Martin k-hole on the youtube.