Behind the Scenes with GS Warriors Executive Arena Chef

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson might own the court, but in the kitchen of Oakland’s Oracle Arena, Executive Chef Tim Radack and his team are the stars. Zagat followed along with Radack and his team for two days as they showed us what it takes to feed an arena full of guests. – ZAGAT

This is flat out some incredible video. This job, and the few hundred workers that are there and in every arena, are the types of jobs that go very unnoticed. But, are lowkey some of the most crucial jobs in what ultimately makes professional sports, specifically in-person, tick.

Great to see some BTS of a few days of work to give these guys the props that they get.

Interesting that its with Golden State as well, since the clientele there, is probably on average some of the wealthiest clients, with the most disposable income at least, that there are in any area, anywhere. Its the silicon valley. A ton of tech money, and usually all the people making real money are young guys and gals, so they are more than ready to throw down some money on a season ticket. With that, they are used to things and they need proper amenities. That is one of the reasons that they are moving to a new modern arena, and its why that food they served can’t just be your average run of the mill junk.

Two funny stories speaking to that.

I, by no means, have ever been close to a Lakers season ticket holder, but I have a lot of friends who were/are that dont mind throwing me some tickets from time to time. I usually hit up about 10 games a year, and remember back in the days when the Clippers were shxt, you could tell the differentiation between them and the Lakers most obviously in the concessions. Obviously, not most obviously because the records and that championships and the marquee names did that for us, but it would be funny to me when I’d go to a Lakers game and the steakhouses and the sushi spots and the gourmet burgers and good condiments would be out for Lakers, but when you went to a Clipper game, it was a lot of chicken nugget spots, burger spots, pizza spots, but nothing premium because they just weren’t attracting the clientele to games. Once they got relatively good, you can see a marked difference as those rollups stayed up for both teams experiences.

Another one, and this just happened. I was at a pub the other day taking in a game and we struck up a conversation with the bartendress who happened to be from the bay. Oakland specifically. Long story short we got around to the Golden State Warriors and tech money dudes and she shared a little anecdote about once dating a tech dude who founded something YOU ARE ALL FAMILIAR WITH. According to her, he came to visit a few times since she was now living in LA and the first time he came to visit, he stayed at a spot in Santa Monica, that is nice. Its pricey, but very nice. He had his assistant book his room. Apparently, the next time he came through, he stayed in the same hotel but this time he made sure he got a better room. As in the presidential suite. As in, the room that takes up an entire floor at this hotel.

ANyways, I say all of that to say this. There is a discerning audience up there in Oakland, with means, that are going to these games and money is usually not an object at all, so they have to represent right and it looks like chef knows what he is doing.

Love this video.