BD Wong is 56 years Old . I Don’t Believe You

You might know BD Wong as the handsome perennial guest star, but he knows the secret to eating a chicken wing properly.

So, this is the video that lowkey set the internet on fire last week. It’s BD Wong killing the wing game and showing the world a best practices for eating a flat.

Controversial opinion alert, I actually like the flats more that I like the drums, but that is not the reason that I’m posting this.

I looked up our guy BD on the internets after seeing this video because he’s a part of two of my favorite things in the last couple of years. For one, his character White Rose on Mr. Robot is fvcking phenomenal, but his most slept on performance for me might be his turn in the Will Smith and Margo Robbie flick FOCUS.

He’s the fun guy in the 55 gambling scene. This is the beginning of that scene but he kills it.

Great work.

But again, that is not why I’m posting this. After looking up his IMDB for some of his work, and googling him and finding out about his two beautiful kids and his great husband and seeing his dope ass crib that he remodeled in New York some years back, I noticed that this man was born in 1960.

I was no math major, but I think that means BD is 56 years old as of this last October.

I think the next video that posts needs to be titled, “BD Wong Teaches You How To Look 20 Years Younger | GQ”

What is his secret? I jumped over to his IG to see if he is on that acai bowl life or drinking cold brew or hitting the spa all the time, but that doesn’t seem to be it. Dude kills cigars and obviously isn’t vegetarian or vegan.

I think the secret may just be living life and being happy. And, whatever this is.

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