Back On My Workout B.S. + Equinox Yoga

Workout - 1

Super inspired, super back in the game right now.

I did join Equinox. And it’s the greatest decision I’ve made all year.


Not because of this video, but this video definitely helped…

By the way, I happened to have a little divine intervention happen. The day I decided to join Equinox, a trainer friend of mine randomly hit me up because he is writing a fitness book with a major celebrity and he wanted me to be one of his weight loss subjects.

A 12-week program on some before and after sh.t that he wants to use for the book.

And so it began…. Comeback Season. #CMBKSZN


He literally posted to facebook when I came back from joining up the gym and then dm’d me an hour or so after my first workout.

It was totally random and totally right on time. So, I have 73 days left …. oh, and I scheduled an international vacation at the end of the year. Crazy how this worked out. So, I decided to not just try and drop some pounds, I decided to get f.cking jacked again.

I’m going to be on some fitness model sh.t over the next year or so.

My birthday hits next May and I have a number and I have a look.

I was talking to a pahtna of mine who has some similar struggles and is trying to get back on his fitness, that I needed some sort of motivation other than the regular regular ish, because that never changes. And, I’m an a.shole for saying this but its somewhat difficult to maintain it because I still get p.ssy. Maybe not the prime that I was getting back in the day but it wasnt some bull. Now, I want those fitness model ig type of chicks again and you gotta be swole get catch you a lot of those. I want to catch a lot of those. hey hey hey, I’m single, so sue me.

Too many starts and stops in the last decade or so, so why not go all in all the way?

A whole lot more to come with this one.