Avocado and Fig Salsa : My Recipes

pre salsa

Simple recipe on this salsa… it may throw you when you first think about it, but trust me, its not a bad look at all.

Figs, avocado, tomato, garlic powder, coarse sea salt, habanero / serrano peppers, and lime is the list of ingredients.

You have to be careful here and that first image is a little bit misleading because all of that didn’t go into the salsa. The way it works for me is when I am at the store, I buy waaay too much hot shit and then when I get home i realize that I don’t want to be shitting my brains out the next day so I take it easy. You want to blend up some of the smaller tomatoes so that you get a nice viscous base to add stuff to.


After that, you will chopped you other tomato and your figs. The figs are a little mushy so be careful and use a sharp knife. You can blend the pepper(s) and garlic with the tomato or chop them up separately. I mix it up. I blend the really hot pepper and the garlic but chop up the Serrano so that there are some chunky spices bits in there. Slice you avocado into squares, a harsh cut and then mix everything together.

The salsa is good that day, but if you can take it, let it rest in the fridge overnight, it will be better the next day.

The spice is there always, but after the salsa sits in teh fridge its not that spicy anymore, so dont be afraid to throw a lil extra in there.

Salt and lime to taste. Go easy. A little bit of coarse sea salt goes a long way.

* There are a lot of non-believer friends of mine who are questioning the fig…. its not for everyone, but give it a try. It doesnt overpower the salsa at all, but it adds a sweet finish that you dont normally get with salsa. You will hardly notice that its there, but being so hot and spicy its a nice add in, without going super sweet and adding a mango or oranges or something like that. If you havent tried it with mangos, I feel sorry for you. Stop it and go try that right now. Shit will change your life.

For all of the rookies out there, here is how you cut an avocado