Ascent Protein Surprises Random Dude with a Sponsorship

Ascent Protein is about the hard work, not fame. That’s why we’ll celebrate and sponsor real people instead of famous ones. Instead of choosing a celebrity we’ll partner with crossfit gyms to find the hardest working athletes.

Randomly (because I canceled my cable and my streaming options are limited) I was watching a ton of ESPNNow over the weekend and the dominating programming that they had, were the CrossFit Games happening the last couple of days in Carson, Ca.

I haven’t quite figured out the model yet for them because the streaming is free, albeit choppy at times, and they don’t have any major commercial breaks. What they do most of the time is just go dead air, or put up a chyron of the event that is coming up. A few times though, they would run some interstitials and one of the ones that kept playing over and over again was a teaser ad for Ascent Protein.

I’ll admit that the first half dozen or so times that I saw the commercial, I didn’t even look for it on the internets, but after day two, I decided to fire up the ole youtube machine and found the full video. And you know what? I’m super glad I did!

Because its awesome.

Long story short as you’ve seen in the video, they picked a random workout dude in the gym to sponsor.

But the voiceover is what I really appreciate. I couldn’t have written it better myself.

Funny enough, I’ve had a ton of discussions with some of my friends about how brands could do this and more importantly, why they haven’t. Why hasn’t a NIKE or an UNDER ARMOUR or Gatorade or any of these types of brands NOT done this on a bigger scale?

I don’t know the financials of it all, but it seems to me that you could get a lot more bang for your buck by seeding a ton of regular Joe Schmoes to proselytize for your brand than signing some sort of promotion deal with “fill in the blank” athlete(s).

I think one of the things that CrossFit has shown, and one of the things that Nike has really pressed on is the very real fact that we all, for the most part, are athletes. And just because we didnt hit the genetic lottery and play in 3-letter-league, that doesn’t mean that the value of the story is that much less, relatively speaking.

CrossFit in its cultish ways has generated plenty of celebrities in their own right, out of thin air. Nike Training Club is making efforts. If you think about P90x and this new thing from Mens Health “Riptensity” and a lot of efforts like this, the following that come from really small places is huge.

I imagine that the bigger brands are somewhat reticent to spreading their message this way as they don’t want to become a Fit Tea type of thing or fall into the lane of instagram sales, but the way that social media works, it might not be a bad thing to look at. And, to be honest, what would the cost really be? I doubt that Ascent is doing much more than lacing this dude with some gear and a year supply of product or something like that but in the grand scheme of that, its nothing.

But, to someone like him and the thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people that will see his story and learn about the brand, it might be a good return on their marketing dollar.

But think if UA did this? Or Nike? Or Gatorade.

What if they don’t look at star power but look at story power and sponsor everyday gym warriors at Equinox, or the fitness transformation post people you see on the gram and social media.

Makes sense to me and if I knew that Nike or Ascent or Gatorade or Adidas or UA or whomever were going around and throwing sponsorships to regular cats, you can only imagine the workouts I’d be doing and how much social media pushing I’d be doing and what would the cost be to them, product? Maybe a couple of bucks down the road?

Might be something for them to look into further.