Army Wife Misty Shaffer Surprises Husband with House and 100+ Pound Weight Loss

The weight thing is nice and all but how about wifey copping the new crib while he was away? THAT is the best part of this story. Shouts out to Misty Shaffer who is the leader in the clubhouse for Wife Of The Year right now.

Great story, and I will try to write this without being to crass, but check out my boys face and I wonder what he was thinking right here…

larry shaffer

…I’ve never been away at war, but I have been away at college and not seen my lady for a couple of months. When I say that there are some things, ahem, built up, that you plan on letting go as soon as humanly possible. Imagine if you are away at war for a year, you come home and not only see your wife has slimmed up and is kind of a smoke, but she bought a new house too. Good times at the Shaffer house I’m sure.