Arianny Celeste is Starting a DIET Tomorrow..

Penelope Lopez, known professionally as Arianny Celeste, is an American ring girl and model.

She is best known for being a ring girl for the UFC. She is also a co-host on TV Show Overhaulin’. According to her, she is starting a diet tomorrow.

For some reason, I thought she was a vegetarian or vegan.

But, she’s not, just likes Crossroads (and who doesn’t) because the food is really good!

Turns out however, she isn’t but is a big supporter of PETA initiatives.

She’s on here because she’s starting a diet. We’re all for weight loss around these parts, but I’m not sure that she needs to be on a diet. Maybe eating better. Fast food is bad for you. Burgers are bad for you. Arianny Celeste IG, is good for you.

I don’t know why but..

Diet starts tomorrow. #happyCheatDay 👅🐷😋. Photo: @GregorioPhotography Makeup @elizabethsuj 🍔🍟

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I don’t know why, butt..

She definitely works out a lot too though. And really, that’s what its all about, right? If you eat like shit, work it off. Well, that works when you are 23 or 24, once you get chugging up over over the hill things change. But, she’s still in that eat a little crazy, work out for an hour and you are good, phase. More power to her.

#takeMeBack #TravelTuesday @villaKalis @totalbali #Bali 🙏👙

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Working them Buns Hun! Thank u @bodybyjennla 💪🏼 pants by @bumbumbacana #humpday #bikiniBody

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Whatever she is doing, its working.