Anthony Anderson Talks Vegetable Garden with Tom Colicchio

Anthony Anderson talks to Tom Colicchio about his new endeavor: vegetable gardening. He and his sister have taken out a large plot in a Los Angeles community garden that their fellow gardeners have nicknamed “Taj Mahal 2.”

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a quick video of Anthony Anderson on the Arsenio Hall Show talking about his newly found fitness regimen and how he had dropped 50 lbs because he was, in his words, “A fat Mutha******!”

I just so happened to be lurking around youtube today looking for some good content to watch and the RESERVE Channel happened to post this outtake of Tom Colicchio’s HOOKED UP show where AA talked a little bit about the vegetable garden that he had started with his sister-in-law in Los Angeles. I thought it was pretty cool and hadn’t heard anything about it so I did a little IME investigation and happened to see some pics on his twitter feed. Looking good Ant. Keep it up bro!

* Random side note… you might need to let me get on some of them peppers so I can make some salsa.

anthony anderson garden peppers

anthony anderson scarecrow

Images via twitter/AndersonAnthony

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