Animation :: “Why are we all getting fat?” + Book by Sarah Boseley

Sarah Boseley (@sarahboseley) is a journalist on the Guardian who writes about health, medicine and dodgy practices. In her latest book, The Shape We’re In, Sarah argues that it’s time we understood the complex reality of what makes us fat.

In speaking to behavioral scientists and industry experts, yo-yo dieters and people who have gone under the knife, Boseley builds a picture of an obesogenic society – one where we’re constantly bombarded by the twin evils of big budget food marketing and the diet industry.

Interesting to me that when you look out, and around the world, this obesity and getting fat as a society thing isnt just an American thing anymore. No doubt that we are the undisputed champs in the waistline around the world, but everyone is catching up as well. It’s the ‘western diet’ that is doing us all in. I was reading an article a few days ago about how the western diet / lifestyle and influence is starting to creep into different societies in sub-Saharan Africa, places like Nigeria, that are notorious for having a very lean population.

We need to figure this shit out. Hopefully, this book, will help. Now, I just need to figure out a way to get one of these books over to the good ole US of A, so I can read it, but not have to pay a million dollars in shipping from the UK!

the shape were in

The Shape We’re In by Sarah Boseley at Guardian Books