“An American Alien” by Dania Ramirez and Bev Land + Sancocho

Dania Jissel Ramirez is a Dominican American TV and film actress, whose credits include the roles of Maya Herrera in Heroes, Alex in Entourage, and Blanca during the last season of The Sopranos on television.

Her film roles include Alex Guerrero in She Hate Me, Callisto in the feature film X-Men: The Last Stand and currently in the role of Rosie Falta on Lifetime’s Devious Maids.

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I got hip to her on Sopranos and She Hate Me, but I need to be paying more attention to her… First and foremost, I’m about a month late on this video. But, I just saw it on @AliciaMenendez’ twitter and can’t not post it.

It has to go up and I have to say a few things.

Immigrant Heritage Month 2015 is proud to present “An American Alien.” Devious Maids’ star, Dania Ramirez, takes us back to the place where she grew up in the United States when she first arrived from the Dominican Republic. Dania dances salsa, cooks sancocho and questions her mother and father about whether or not they achieved their “American dream,” in this powerful and emotional reunion of her entire family.

* Can’t deny the love and affection that the family has for each other and that is one of those things that just makes me smile. Any one who knows me that I have never been scared to date a latin woman and in these seven or eight minutes, almost everything I love about Latin wimmens is shown. Naturally. Beautifully.

Absolute best thing about Latin families in my experience, is just how much they care. I love this moment in the video.

American Alien by Dania Ramirez 1

I also love the way they look, the mannerisms, the movements and …. the food.

Boy do I love the food.

Now, I’ve kept it to dating girls from Mexico and girls from Peru and a girl from Venezuela and a girl from PR, and have never dated anyone of Dominican descent. Two things, I’m a dummy for not, and also, that needs to change.

If just for the homemade sancocho alone…

American Alien by Dania Ramirez Sancocho 1

Look at this breh!!!

I just want to dive in this pot and not come up for air until its all gone. The other funny thing about it is that this reminds me off all the times when I’d be at one of these said girlfriends houses and the kitchen would be alight with all of the people in there while they are cooking. Love it.

American Alien by Dania Ramirez Sancocho 2

You know what … I’m thinking about trying to make it, but its hella intense… maybe I can find something on Pinterest.

Sancocho Pinterest

I did spy a vegan sancocho recipe that is pretty easy to pull off and looks f.cking incredible. Yes, yes, I get it, vegan sancocho doesnt even make sense, but I’ve got a goal to get and I can’t be eating all kinds of meats, but want to make this.

Vegan Sancocho “Root Stew” – dominicancooking.com

Might have to run it this week.

Youtube video credits : Writers & Directors: Bev Land & Dania Ramirez | Cinematographer: Daniel Patterson | Executive Producer: Michael Skolnik | Producers: Joseph La Morte & Gloria La Morte | Co-Producer: Flannery Miller | Editor: Saba Riazi | Music: “Soy Dominicano” written & performed by Fernandito Villalona Courtesy of Código Music | Original Music: Monica Cohen & Renato Milone